Selected Reviews

“Think classical music is stuffy and inaccessible? Think again.”  –The Bulletin (Philadelphia)


“Beautiful texturing by ensemble. . .The reading of Debussy’s ‘Sonata for Flute, Harp, and Viola’ showed how this ensemble can re-create masterworks. . .a stunning ensemble.”  —The Philadelphia Inquirer


“Lyricism combined with introspection. . .the superb interpretations by the musicians captured les accents français throughout. . .a soaring flute solo brilliantly played by Stillman. . .Here the Dolce Suono group performed at its very best, with intensity and virtuosity, offering a moving interpretation that captured the ‘inner ear’ beyond the score itself. . .fire and energy.”  –Broad Street Review


“In just six years, the Dolce Suono Ensemble has acquired the stature to premiere new pieces with big-time talent in a breakout project. “ –-The Philadelphia Inquirer


“This was probably the best live performance of this piece anyone will ever hear.”

 (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, arr. Schoenberg) —Broad Street Review


“The Dolce Suono program awed me with the knowledge of the repertoire. . .flutist Mimi Stillman is the live wire responsible for Dolce Suono. . .Stillman: a talent for performing – and organizing too. . .a toast to the the cultural entrepreneurs of our city”  —Broad Street Review


“Dolce Suono’s opening chamber concert was a great advertisement for music by living Philadelphia composers”  –Broad Street Review


“Dolce Suono is an exceptionally lively chamber series that features some of the best musicians in the region playing programs that are packed with surprises and pleasures.”  —Broad Street Review


“One of the liveliest chamber series in the city. . .imaginative wide-ranging programming.”  –Broad Street Review


“You’re missing a treat if you haven’t been attending this series.”  –Philadelphia Music Makers


“With nary an empty seat to be had at the latest presentation, these concerts’ appeal is self-evident. . .Rock-solid chops and affecting conviction.”  –Philadelphia City Paper


“Although the repertorie ranged from the English Renaissance to music of the 20th century, the presentation had the ambience of a coffee-house happening, its music alternating between jazzy and folksy vibes.”  –Philadelphia City Paper


“The three rendered its verses to perfection, especially the rollicking French passages.”  –The Philadelphia Inquirer


“The trio performed with enthusiasm and emotion. . .One of the most enjoyable parts of the concert was the rapport between the performers and the audience members.”  –The Bi-College News


“Playing that combined elegance and depth.” — Broad Street Review


“Performances were prepared at a high level, with Stillman and violist Burchard Tang delving so earnestly into Debussy that the piece almost took on an epic quality.”– The Philadelphia Inquirer